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Single-Plant Herbal Drops

Single-Plant Herbal Drops

"The beauty of plants is the way they work in the subtle ways as nature does."

Single-plant tinctures are made in small batches with organically sourced plants grown from the garden, local farms or from Mountain Rose Herbs. The plant material is macerated in the proper strength of grain alcohol for a minimum of 2 moon cycles then pressed & bottled.

2 fl. oz. (56 ml)


Lemon Balm - (Garden grown) Calming, cool & uplifting.  Provides gentle digestive support in the best way.

Energetics - Sweet, sour, cooling, drying. Ruling Planet - Jupiter, Ruling Element - Air.

Fresh Milky Oat Tops - (Locally sourced) Frazzled & worn out, a nervous system tonic, specific for nervous exhaustion.

EnergeticsSweet, tonic, ever-so-slightly cooling, moistening, Ruling Planet - the Moon, Ruling Element - Air.

Wood Betony - (Garden grown) Strengthens the solar plexus, grounding - Specific for "head in the clouds", spaced-out, increases circulation, reduces headaches & migraines, especially with daily use.

Energetics - Mildly sweet & aromatic, slightly astringent, warming, drying, tonifying, somewhat stimulating, Ruling planets - the Moon & Jupiter, Ruling Element - Earth.

Reishi (Double Extracted) - (Locally sourced) As a Shen tonic, restores our spirit & vital force, builds up our core immunity. "Mushroom of Immortality"., Modulates allergy pathways & inhibits our histamine response, reducing allergic reactions.

Energetics - Earthy, slightly sweet, bitter, mildy warming, moistening, drying over time, relaxant, Ruling Planet - the Sun, Ruling Element - Earth.

Ashwagandha - Classic adaptogen, brings balance to our stress response, immune system & inflammatory response. Increases vitality & stamina.

Energetics - Earthy, slightly bitter, pungent & sweet, warming, moistening, Ruling Planet - the Sun, Ruling Element - Earth.

St. John's Wort - Melancholia, depression, feeling disconnected. Restores our inner light with warmth & energy within our body. Liver detoxifier, moving stuck & stagnant energy. Gut healing on a physical & spiritual level. Check for Contraindications & Herb-Drug Interactions. 

Energetics - Mildly sweet, oily, slightly pungent, bitter & astringent, warming, drying, slightly moistening, Ruling Planet - the Sun, Ruling Element - Air.

Tulsi, Holy Basil - (Garden grown) Nervous system nourishment, calming, relaxing tension, uplifting the spirit, gentle digestive support. 

Energetics - Sweet, pungent, bitter, warming.

Oregon Grape Root - Helps you to reclaim your power & express yourself in the world. Works on the entire digestive system. Cleanses & builds blood, relieves lymphatic stagnation and purifies the skin from the inside out.

Energetics - Bitter, plain & simple, cooling, Ruling Planet - Mars, Ruling Element - Water.

Red Raspberry Leaf - (Garden grown) Rich in nutrients.  A uterine tonic, both toning & relaxing to the uterus, can help soothe menstrual cramps & excessive bleeding. Nourishing during pregnancy for both Mother & baby.

Energetics - Tonifying, cooling, drying, Ruling Planet - Venus.

Valerian - Tension, anxiety, restlessness & insomnia. A nervine hypnotic, inducing sleepiness. In few, they have the opposite effect and will keep them up.  Best used at night.

Energetics - Acrid, bitter, pungent, aromatic, warming, drying, relaxant, Ruling Planet - Venus, Ruling Element -Fire.

Fresh Ginger - Delightfully spicy! Settles a nervous tummy, eases gas & bloating, brings warmth & stimulation to the core.

Energetics - Warming, drying, diffusive, stimulant, Ruling Planet - Sun, Ruling Element - Fire.

Yarrow - Literally SO MANY uses! But one of my favorites is "Master of the blood" - Having the ability to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow while at the same time staunch excessive bleeding (yes, many plants tend to be quite contrary!) Moves fever from the inside out.

Energetics - Mostly bitter, astringent. Cooling, drying, tonifying, stimulant, relaxant.  Ruling Planet - Venus, Ruling Element - Fire.

Chamomile - From digestive support to calming tension within our nervous system, cooling inflammation internally & externally, and providing wonderful support for menses. 

Energetics - Bitter, aromatic, sweet.  Cooling, drying.  Ruling Planet - Venus.  Ruling Element - Air.

Whole-Plant Echinacea

Burdock Root


*This information is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

*We recommend reaching out to a certified herbalist or general practitioner and checking the contraindications of any plant before consuming.

Please contact us with any questions.

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Made with love

Small batches are made with plant-based ingredients to nourish your body, mind & spirit to bring you closer to yourself & Mother Earth.

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