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Herbal Vinegars

 I've been wanting to share my favorite recipes for herbal vinegars and with the the transition from summer to fall it seemed like now is the perfect time!  Herbal vinegars are such a versatile preparation.  From hair rinses to salad dressing, they are an amazing nutritious addition to your everyday rituals and a great way to preserve the summers bounty.  This preparation is the perfect gateway into making herbal medicine because you really can't go wrong.  Although other vinegars can be used, apple cider vinegar is my favorite for herbal elixirs. The benefits are abundant.  Improves digestion, lowers blood sugar & blood pressure, contains lots of nutrients including; magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, amino acids & antioxidants., antimicrobial, balances pH, reduces...

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Plant Medicine in the form of a Tincture

    Herbal medicine in the form of a tincture is a effortless, yet potent way to bring herbs and healing into your daily life.  A simple way to reweave the natural world back into our lives. Bringing the medicine of the earth back into our systems through to our mind, body & spirit.  Plant medicine is not a 'quick fix'.  It is deep healing on a transformational level.  {Specific} plants will direct you to centers within the physical & spiritual body, guiding you towards the pathway of healing.    A ritual.  Morning, noon & night.  Whether you keep it in the kitchen, on the nightstand or in your bag on the go.  It’s there to support you.  The small...

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Here for this

Intro - I started writing this in May 2020, came back sometime around June 2020. I had wanted to start 'blogging', or sharing herbal musing, recipes & such but didn't really know where to begin so, i thought, I'd just begin and see where it went! Well, "with everything going on" it went in an obvious direction. So, excuse the rambling as i find my way through my first post. I share a deep & thoughtful reflection towards the end, that maybe i should have written in a separate post but it felt right so i'll keep it here. I'm working on my need to explain i still continue to explain myself! Thanks for reading!   Hey there! Here...

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