The Dreamweaver Collection


Are you a dreamer? Or wish you were? Our dreams are intricate webs of our subconscious mind holding so much insight to our waking lives. They are a gateway to our creativity, showing us our innate expression of the self. The medicinal spirits of Dreamweaver help to guide us in that realm, offering clarity, recollection & peace while we traverse the depths. Sometimes our dreams can seem chaotic and random but upon further exploration they can come to make sense to our conscious mind. The most potent way to work with our dreams is through journaling. Creating a dream journal in which we write down the stories told. We can do this in a few ways. We can journal the morning after a dream that really called out to you, or more intentionally by working with these plants each night before bed for a few days or week if we’re trying to dig deep and gain some insight. Another way is to use your dreams as a prompt. Begin writing out your dream and continue with stream of consciousness & finish the story…have you ever not wanted to wake up from a dream?

It’s also incredibly possible to dream while awake…these magical offerings bring our body & mind to a grounded and calm space where we can sit in quiet & meditate and awaken dreams from within us and take them to our journals. We can work with Dreamweaver medicinals anytime we are looking to explore our dreams whether we are asleep or awake.

Step through the looking glass and allow Dreamweaver Collection to awaken the dreamer in you.

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