Signature Plant-Based Candle Collection

Unique hand-blended fragrances inspired by nature


The beauty of plants is the way they work in the subtle ways as nature does.

I love using this oil blend on my face after washing. It’s smooth, smells heavenly, and very rich, but not heavy. A few drops and I feel hydrated and taken care of. It’s my top serum recommendation for everyone, especially during the colder months. My skin is very sensitive and this has improved my overall skin health and never caused any irritations.

- Kara

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Made with Love

Plant-Powered Skincare

Small batches are handmade with gratitude and intention. All plants are garden grown or locally sourced when available. Ingredients are always all natural & organic.


Small batches are hand-poured using a plant-based (paraffin free!!), proprietary blend of renewable coconut, apricot and soy waxes infused with quartz crystals, non-toxic fragrance oils & sustainably sourced essential oils.


All medicinal offerings are made using organic ingredients and all herbs are garden grown & locally sourced when possible. Herbal drops are extracted using organic cane alcohol & the weight-to-volume method to ensure the highest quality, potent plant medicine.

Made with love

All offerings are made in small batches with intention, gratitude & care for you and Mother Earth.