Hello there!

My name is Courtney, I am the owner & creator of Quartz in the Clouds. I am an herbalist, gardener, earth-tender, candle maker & daydreamer.  Back in 2015,  I began making candles, all natural household & personal wellness products for myself, family and friends. During this time I was seeing part of my work in life was to share these offerings with my community.  Through this journey I found a passion for gardening, where I now grow many of the plants I use in my offerings. I have found the path to deeper healing with herbalism & working with plants, the earth’s medicine. We have one body and one planet & during this life I strive to bring healing and symbiosis within both.

All my works in life are nature based, spiritually guided & tending to the Earth.  I continue to create and offer gentle plant medicine, hand-blended herbal tea, plant-based skincare & all natural candles. All offerings are made with the intention to bring you closer to yourself and Mother Earth. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. 

Apothecary ~

Small batches are handmade in alignment with the seasons, planets & cycles of the moon with gratitude and intention. All herbs are garden grown or locally sourced when available. Ingredients are always all natural & organic. 

Candles ~

Small batches are hand-poured using a plant-based proprietary blend of ethically sourced beeswax, renewable coconut, and soy waxes infused with Quartz crystals, toxin-free Fragrance Oils & sustainably sourced Essential Oils.  

I do my very best to source the best wax possible for both our benefit and for the environment. I understand the want to consume less soy products but with candle-making it's virtually impossible unless we're working with 100% beeswax which also has its downsides in large production.

I am forever striving to make the most eco-friendly, consumer-loving offerings.