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I started writing this in May 2020, came back sometime around June 2020. I had wanted to start 'blogging', or sharing herbal musing, recipes & such but didn't really know where to begin so, i thought, I'd just begin and see where it went! Well, "with everything going on" it went in an obvious direction. So, excuse the rambling as i find my way through my first post. I share a deep & thoughtful reflection towards the end, that maybe i should have written in a separate post but it felt right so i'll keep it here. I'm working on my need to explain i still continue to explain myself! Thanks for reading!


Hey there! Here we go... My first blog post...... something I've always thought of but never actually saw myself felt ~unattainable~ for whatever reason. What better time to start 'blogging' (why is that such a cringy word?) than now, during a quarantine and freezing temperatures in May. Is this what a blog is suppose to be? Me, just rambling on about nothing in particular for a while until i get to the actual point? Talk-typing like I'm having a conversation. Well, i refuse that. Just get to the point! I am here for the cookie recipe! Ok, except for now, because this is just me getting a feel. 

Then, it's like, what should i even blog about....where do i start? Here? Now? That is what they say! The best time to plant a tree was 200 years ago, the second best time is NOW! I love that. Start now. Be here now. So my plan is to just keep writing until maybe it turns into something....  

Here, we are, close to three months into quarantine during a global pandemic. Life is as if it has never been before. I am typing on a computer, I haven't done that in years, it takes a little getting use to again. Today, it flurried. Last night there was frost, I had to cover most of my garden in blankets. Everything survived, just a little shocked and wilty. Now i will quickly go out and check on things... everything will be okay. Everything will be okay! And that is the best thought during these times. I mean, maybe some of us, we won't be okay, and sometimes life won't be easy and times will be heavy, but in the end, we will be okay. As long as we are doing our best with what we have and enjoying the pleasures of life when they come. 

After putting this down, I return, about a month later. Soooo much can happen in a month. Things are starting to reopen at the "conclusion" of the pandemic. (*Current update* We are still very much in the middle of the pandemic.) Now, we are in the midst of a nationwide/global movement. Burn down the patriarchy. WAKE UP WORLD.  This is nothing new. But people are starting to see a view that may have been obscured by our day to day lives that are now more exposed than ever. Everything is recorded & almost, almost nothing is hidden. WE SEE YOU. And we will NOT have you at our dinner table.


Here's a bit of reflection from these times...

...I have this deep knowing and love in my heart right now. I haven't felt much in touch or connected in this deep of a way for quite a long time, but now, with everything rising to the surface, i am tapped and tuned in, i feel it in my hearts perception by focusing on something bigger. Much, much bigger than myself that i am finally able to re-open that space. Immediately within a few days i feel a shift in my consciousness into the greater realm. A change is gonna come. We are in the midst of a massive global/Earth awakening and transformation. We can no longer work in the previous manner. It is unsustainable. It has been unsustainable. And we cannot continue on that path or we will destroy ourselves and our planet. So, we must change. In a DEEP fucking way, like its not going to feel good. That's the thing about these shifts. They're massive. They are destroying and giving death to outmoded ways of being. Things ARE going to be uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. But this change is and has been in the works for hundreds of years. Our people have lived it and died for it. We are here for it. And WE are the ones that must burn it down. When a forest burns it creates the most fertile soil. We must plant the seeds, reintegrate the roots of our ecosystem so that we can reweave and relearn how to thrive together so we can survive together. And give birth to the new paradigm. A new earth. The earth that we crave, that we know, that we see and feel deep in our bones. The fire of the sun warms our skin so that we can feel the eternal light from the Universe, God, The Great Creator reminding us of what it is to be alive. Open skies, the trees breeze and the water flows & the flowers bloom around us. It's all around us. Within us. There is more to life than the pseudo-reality we live in.

Go slow into the dark as you will be renewed when you return to the light.

This work is deep and lifelong. Remember to take time away, be with your own thoughts and reflections. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community. The work starts at home and in small ways we create big change.

I have faith in you and in humanity. I love you. I'm praying for you.

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Beautifully written ❤


Beautifully written ❤


I love you too Courtney! Thank you for opening up and sharing your thoughts! It felt good to read them. Keep it coming! Xoxo


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